Child Themes, Templates and Template Parts

This page will be the home of a series of tutorials on child themes, templates and template parts, the series will run from the middle of August 2010 until the end of September 2010, to take part you will need a local install of WordPress, this will enable quick recovery if you have a syntax error, as you can edit the local file.

By the end of the series you should have a basic grasp of creating template pages, template parts, adding functions and styles, to your own themes, and you would have worked with WordPress functions, custom functions, plugin calls, css and php.

If you are wondering about child themes, templates and template parts you are looking at them on this website, and we will be replicating this page and the second page menu in the tutorials, you will notice that this page has the same name as the posts category, this text is the page text, and the posts below are normal posts, so we have mixed the page and post.

We have now released the files for this series, as they are the starting theme for part two, and can be downloaded from the downloads page

Getting Started


For this series of tutorials we need to have a local WordPress setup, this will enable easy deployment of the theme files, this series will be added to over a few weeks, rather than one big set of files we … Continue reading

The Second Menu


We have all seen the websites with a secondary menu at the top with the more boring page links, what we will do in this part is to create a secondary menu in our twenty ten child theme, lets stop … Continue reading

Smooth Slider


There are a number of different slideshows that can be added to WordPress, many of these require the addition of code to the theme, in this series of tutorials we will be using two or three of the slideshows, we … Continue reading



We often see requests on various forums asking about removing the blog and or page titles, but the advice we have seen for removing the page title often suggests just hacking or deleting code. If we follow the steps in … Continue reading

Post Images


Over eighteen months ago WordPress introduced built in thumbnail support, this is now a part of the Twenty Ten theme, however many themes like magazine themes and layouts may need a custom size, in this tutorial we will add support … Continue reading



Now we can see how easy it is to change things using a child theme we will be moving onto creating widgetized area in our theme and different layouts, we have likely looked at a number of premium themes that … Continue reading

Widgetized Areas


Now we have a clear picture of the layouts for the template pages we want for our theme we have to create the content areas, we were thinking of leaving the names of the Twenty Ten sidebars and just tagging … Continue reading

Left Sidebars


If we are following the tutorials then we would have a new set of widgetized areas, in this section we will be working with the left sidebars, we created two left sidebars and will create three template parts and three … Continue reading

Right Sidebars


If we are following the tutorials then we would have a new set of widgetized areas, in this section we will be working with the right sidebars, we created two right sidebars and will create two template parts and two template pages, … Continue reading