WordPress WooCommerce and IPad Sales Presenter

There is a nice little application for the IPad that also works on the IPad Mini and IPhone, the app costs around $20/£20 and allows you to create Sales Orders to be taken off line, so what has this business application really got to do with WordPress?

With 4G – 3G and the falling costs of data packages it is possible that you can present you products almost anywhere with WordPress, WooCommerce online and in a browser, I first thought there was not much call for an off-line Sales Ordering system for a lot of people, but then considering poor signals and the cost of Data Roaming it might be worth a look.

What if you sell products and services and are often in areas with poor internet access, are you are thinking it would be nice to have your products off line and on an IPad, be able to add Customers and take Orders in the middle of nowhere, places like events, County Show or a covered market in a Car Park or basement area, or maybe you sell climbing equipment and up a mountain in the middle of nowhere you just want your product catalogue available at your fingertips in any situation, then this could be a working solution .

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Sales Presenter

Sales Presenter from Blue Alligator is a smart application only for the IPad from the Itunes Store, so it is a smooth off-line product catalogue all finger swipe and tap, for your £20/$20 when purchasing the app you get a free cloud account where you can upload your data, you just create the product, customer, catalogue files etc: in Excel save as csv and upload.

Sales Presenter from Blue Alligator

How Does Sales Presenter Work

Sales Presenter is not for your customers but for you, this is ideal when you or your associates want to present your product on a personal basis to the client or cusomer, it is also used by large companies for their traveling sales people or to take orders at events and exhibitions.

You get a “Free” cloud account with space from Blue Alligator when you register this can be before you purchase the application, this gives you all the functions for an off-line Sales catalogue, there is a small monthly fee if you want more features, extra images and variable pricing structures, but the free version will get you started.

In your cloud account you can upload all your catalogues, products and Customer details as csv files, download orders and upload to a folder your product display images, these look great on the IPad and a double ‘tap’ will show a larger image that can be dragged around.


Once you are all set you can enter your key codes from Blue Alligator into your IPad settings and download your product catalogue, you can even have different companies like the WordPress Multi-Site on the one IPad Instance.

The Plugin

There is nothing out there at the moment to create the files from the WordPress admin, I am working on a plugin to generate the files in the correct format for uploading to Sales Presenter.

This is still a work in progress, there will be a Freemium Plugin and a paid Premium plugin later, for now lets have a preview of some of the features via screenshots!

There is an admin screen to set various defaults and create and download the files, main settings hold information on your blue alligator account.

Locations are required by Sales Presenter you must specify at least one location and at least one Sales Person.


Sales Presenter requires other information in the files like the Unit of Measure selectable on the Products Screen, price streams, stock quantities, barcode and lots of other fields.




Customers and Sales People

Extra fields are added on the Admin User Screen for Sales People and Customers if you want to take your Customers from WordPress to Sales Presenter, sales presenter can also create new Customer off-line and you can get these back in the Order File.


Lots of other features will be added to the plugin based on demand, if the plugin takes off then it will be worth spending the time on it!


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WordPress Meet up Group in London

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I had a couple of chats about the Internet my website, the traffic numbers, and how could I make any money from it, but it came down to suggestions like writing an eBook, charging for downloads or pay per view posts where you start with a primer, and the visitor pays to read more.

This was not what I had in mind when I created Digital Raindrops, the original concept was for little digital blocks (droplets) of helpful code, a programming resource website that would be easy to manage and benefit the visitors.

The second was a small group of developers, these had a range of beginner to advanced, there were no real WordPress users, some small chat about different CMS systems and a few boasts of how much one could earn from website development, an exchange of business cards, many of these were Moo cards and they sit on a shelf above my computer, these meeting have left me feeling indifferent to meet up groups, they are in the evening and require leaving work sharp to get into town.

I am still a member of the Meet up website and received an email today about a new group just for WordPress and it is in London, United Kingdom, I joined the group and will be attending meetings, the groups owner rather summed it up quite nicely.

As a freelancer, I spend a lot of time isolated in my little development world. Although the internet is a fantastic tool for connecting with others, there’s no doubting the value of face to face contact.

I am hoping that others will join the group and share ideas, talk about projects, and it might be a good place for people interested in WordPress to come along, it would be nice to meet any Local visitors to this website, get some face to face feedback, network a little and have a beer.