Simple Style Changer Twenty Ten

We answered a topic on the WordPress forum about offering the administrator a way of switching stylesheets, this we are already looking at this for a new theme we are working on for our own website.

When changing styles we may not want to give the administrator to many options as it is only the style that can really be changed and not the layout, there is no point in loading a stylesheet for a three column layout if the theme has only one column.

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Twenty Ten and AdSense

We have been having a play while waiting for WordPress 3.1 to be a full release, one of the things we have been looking at is Google AdSense and how to use this in a theme.

There were a number of questions that a Google search answered, we found a nice heat map from Google and also looked at which size adverts get the most clicks and where to place them.

Three twenty ten child themes have been created and we want to share these, they are only tested on a local environment and have taken into account the new twenty ten theme that will be released in WordPress Version 3.1.

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Child Theme Creator

It is hard for anyone starting out with self hosted WordPress theme development to experiment with colors and other style changes, so we thought we would share this Twenty Ten child theme.

It is a simple form with a few lines of code behind it, but it may be helpful without the pains of having to keep uploading files, it will produce the styles text you generate for a child theme or to add to a stylesheet,  you can just copy and paste the text, it also allows for custom styles. 

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