Simple Style Changer Twenty Ten

We answered a topic on the WordPress forum about offering the administrator a way of switching stylesheets, this we are already looking at this for a new theme we are working on for our own website.

When changing styles we may not want to give the administrator to many options as it is only the style that can really be changed and not the layout, there is no point in loading a stylesheet for a three column layout if the theme has only one column.

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Facebook Template Beta 2

It has been two weeks since the Beta 1 was released for testing, after feedback we have made a number of changes.

The main topics in this section are still relevant but with a few changes, the major changes are the tabbed admin bar and the way we will create the content, using custom posts, if you have beta 1 then you must de-activate the old plugin first.

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Tabbed Options Page

We were searching for code to create a tabbed admin page for our WordPress to facebook Plugin, and we found a very nice website with the code we needed, the website is recommended as one to visit.

It took a while to get a handle on the code as there was no downloadable example, so we have combined two of the One Design posts from the website to create a working example.

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