Artisteer 3 Unleashed – Watch this Space

We held off from Artisteer tutorials as we did not like the Version 2.5 and 2.6 as they moved away from the WordPress structure, but things have moved on with Artisteer, they have engaged with their Customers took a lot on board, and with the latest ‘Version 3 Beta 2’ build we are quite excited and back in the saddle.

This version has had a major overhaul many new features, it has been in beta for quite a while, it is still buggy but they are on the case, the trigger for us was seeing Artisteer start to use get_template_part(), as we use this call in all our twenty ten tutorials, our visitors that have followed the twenty ten tutorials will feel quite at home with the Artisteer themes.

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Business Portfolio Theme Two

We have done a couple of small changes to the Business Theme, added an option to upload and enter the url to the logo image, this means that the Blog admin can change the logo by uploading a logo to the Media Library, the other change is an overhaul to the menu, we have made it a bit more stylish.

The full overview of other features can be found in the post for on Business Portfolio OneĀ , you can also view the new menu Business Portfolio two:!

The first step is to upload your logo, if you do not have a logo check out the first Business Portfolio link above and visit the the mentoined logo website for a free text logo.

Lets get started!

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Business Portfolio Theme

We have created another feature rich theme for you to download and use, this Business Portfolio Theme is free to use however you want, the idea behind our themes are a starting point for you to look at extending the Artisteer generated themes, we look on Artisteer too give us a good starting point for our themes without the overhead of a framework.

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Hiding a Single Category

There are a number of different slideshows out there that require you to post the images into a category that you select, this makes updating the slideshow easy to manage, one problem with this is that you cannot hide the posts, if you make the post private then the gallery stops, lets have a look at how we can suppress the slideshow gallery in our Artisteer theme.

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