Twenty Eleven Dark Child Theme

The recent release of WordPress 3.2 and the updated Twenty Eleven theme means that we need a slightly different approach to the child theme styles if we want to use the dark theme.

The new theme options for the dark theme are loaded after the child theme has loaded it’s stylesheet so some color changes will not work, to overcome this we will load a second stylesheet after the parent twenty eleven theme stylesheet and dark stylesheet have loaded.

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Changing Background at Night

We have been looking at changing the body background on a theme based on hour, day, month, or season, in this example we will find out how to change the background in the evening.

We are using a Twenty Ten child theme to do this, so what do we need, we are using two horizontal repeat .png images 1087 wide * 1120 high, one for day and one for the night, if we whanted a different set of images, for any of the other methods we would change the quantities, names and code values to suit.

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Artisteer add Google Fonts

As Artisteer users one of the first things many of us do is add code to hide the titles, we often do this for the simple reason that the default fonts are safe and boring, so in this post we will look at adding a better Google font.

Cufón fonts are often the choice, but we are going to look at Google Fonts which has a growing library of fonts, they render in the browser nice and quick, and have an API we can talk to, so no uploading or including the fonts in our theme folders.

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Artisteer Home Menu Image

A question was asked on creating a home image instead of a text link in the menu, using Artisteer Version 3 RC, this should not be hard to do so lets have a look at how we can achieve this.

We will use two new images the height of our menu and 60px wide, this will be different on different themes, we may want an home image a couple of chevrons [>>] or a clickable small logo image, but when we design our menu we must consider this.

Artisteer V3 Beta 2 – Three Sidebars

It has been quite a while since we have written anything for the Artisteer themes community, where a lot has changed with the product and the themes it generates, the latest offering is far closer to the WordPress structure we like, but still has a lot of “art-” functions, however we feel that the latest release if worth a look.

One thing that Artisteer has never done out the box is to add a wide sidebar over two slimmer bars, these are often required for AdSense or other 336px blocks, there are a number of ways to add the script, we can code it easy into the templates pages, but then changing the script could be a nightmare, to make it easy to maintain we prefer a Widgetized area.

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WordPress to Facebook Beta 3

What a rollercoaster ride this has been, after the announcement that Facebook were deprecation the FBML pages and changing to IFrame this meant a lot of research and a re-write of some of the functions.

Bad News is the plugin will no longer create stand alone html pages, good news is that the plugin has changed to a dynamic page plugin where we can change our facebook page inside our WordPress admin. 

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Twenty Ten Sidebar Menu Styling

WordPress 3 and the default twenty ten theme are a great base for a stand alone website, easy to work with and with a little knowledge you can make your website theme quite unique.

The default WordPress theme has a sidebar menu but this is hard to style, we tried a lot of different ways to style the menu, in conclusion we have taken the menu above the sidebars into a template part.

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Add RSS Icons to Twenty Ten

This post is inspired by a post in the WordPress support themes forum, the question was about there being no RSS icon on the twenty ten theme.

There are two RSS feeds you can offer from your website, posts and comments, so this tutorial will deal with both, another consideration was to open the link in a new tab.

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Twenty Ten Alternate Sidebar

The Twenty Ten default theme comes with Primary and Secondary right sidebars, but they are stacked one above the other, you might be wondering why.

At a guess I would say it gives someone new to WordPress the ability to add widgets to the secondary sidebar without losing the built in widgets on the primary sidebar, we are going to use the secondary sidebar for a template page.

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