Woo Themes Flex Slider

The Flex Slider we have been working with has changed ownership to Woo Themes, this does not affect us using the Flex Slider in our own themes, we have created a child theme with two sliders as a proof of concept.

The child theme we have created and is downloadable from this page has two sliders, the header slider and a widget slider, a basic slider has it uses but we have enhanced the theme with a settings page, and a number of options.

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Mobile Twenty Eleven Option

We were talking before the WordPress London meet-up and the subject of how twenty eleven looks on a mobile, as the WordPress twenty eleven theme is responsive the images all resize, and the content stacks.

One of the main issues is the way the menu wraps, there are solutions out there being developed to make the menu change, so we can hope the menu issue get resolver at a later date.

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WordPress Categories Extended Twenty Eleven

This is our third and last post on enhancing the categories in our twenty eleven child theme, so we now have three different solutions, this one is extended as it is more rich in features.

We wanted to be able to choose a header from a list, add a nice description in the editor not just the description area, have a selectable choice per category of how the content is displayed and reverse the sort order.

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Category Header Images Two

A Different Header Image for Each Category two for the twenty eleven WordPress theme, we come across a topics over on the WordPress.org forum asking about a header image per category.

We created a working child theme which found the earliest post for the category that had a header and returned the header image, this is another way using the uploaded header images.

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Different Header Image for Each Category

A Different Header Image for Each Category in the twenty eleven WordPress theme, we often come across topics over on the WordPress.org forum which we think are generic enough to make a good Twenty Eleven Child Theme download, and this theme comes from such a post.

The topic starter is creating a travel blog where each county is a category, we can add a different header to posts and pages but not to a category, we thought of several ways we could do this, and settles on a simple solution.

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