Twenty Eleven Page of Posts Extended

We recently published a post on a WordPress Page of Posts template page for the twenty eleven theme using a child theme, the WordPress page of posts child theme used custom fields to choose a category and a style for the posts, we were asked how to set the number of posts, and how to choose an order by value.

This made the original system a little harder to manage, a lot of custom fields and values to remember, so we got thinking how we could make it easy for the admin to choose values to display the posts, so we have created a new child theme that uses post meta values which is intuitive and easy to manage.

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WordPress Twenty Eleven a Page of Posts

One thing we find coming up time and time again is how to have a page with posts from a specific category, we have created several different template pages for different themes and have learned a little with each revision.

Here we are with the latest WordPress theme Twenty Eleven and being asked the same question, in this post we have created a twenty eleven child theme for registered members to download and this is how we can use this template page.

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Child Categories Page

This is a short post, the code is in the child theme download, just two files a page and a loop, on the Artisteer forum someone was asking about having a list of child categories in the page body, one of the replies pointed to a couple of examples, and like most times they showed how to return the list but not how to display them.

Well we had a look and thought an example might work well alongside our post list page download so here it is, adding a list is not really a problem, but just a list is not suitable for everyone, so we have a page with a post and the categories with descriptions.

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