Change Category Sort Order

It is strange that there is no option to reverse the display order of the posts on the category page, when we select a category the list is the same as a blog, in descending order newest to oldest.

That is great for a news or magazine website, but what if we wanted to display a series of our posts in ascending order, for a tutorail with the oldest part one first?

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Two Artisteer Menus

Many of us have downloaded the Artisteer 2.4 Beta, and one of the items from the ‘wish list’ was the Categories menu, you can choose a vertical and horizontal menu, but not two horizontals, Artisteer have done most of the work for us here, so lets explore the options and add some more functionality.

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Hiding a Single Category

There are a number of different slideshows out there that require you to post the images into a category that you select, this makes updating the slideshow easy to manage, one problem with this is that you cannot hide the posts, if you make the post private then the gallery stops, lets have a look at how we can suppress the slideshow gallery in our Artisteer theme.

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