Twenty Ten and AdSense

We have been having a play while waiting for WordPress 3.1 to be a full release, one of the things we have been looking at is Google AdSense and how to use this in a theme.

There were a number of questions that a Google search answered, we found a nice heat map from Google and also looked at which size adverts get the most clicks and where to place them.

Three twenty ten child themes have been created and we want to share these, they are only tested on a local environment and have taken into account the new twenty ten theme that will be released in WordPress Version 3.1.

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Theme AddText for WordPress

This little module is theme independent, you can add this to any theme with a functions.php file, in the sprit of the twenty ten theme it gives you twenty advertisement or html text blocks.

AddText has it’s own widget that you can drag to the sidebars, and it has shortcodes so you can insert you advertisement or text into any post, so it could be a signature, disclaimer, targeted affiliate advertisement.

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Plasticity Theme (Beta Release)

We are proud to release our Plasticity Theme as beta, the reason for the ‘beta’ label is that we still have an issue to resolve with Internet Explorer and jQuery slide(), so please feel free to download to a ‘test environment’, do not release to production until you have tested the functions on a local install of WordPress.

This theme has taken over sixty hours to complete as some code samples we used were not fully working, credit on this page to the authors, someone emailed and said that the problem with loading themes with functions is that a lot of functions in the code, and not manageable by the blog admin, this theme will address this issue.

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