New Look

Well we hope you like the new look to the website, we thought it was time for a quick update.

As you can see we have been quite busy adding the plasticity theme features and BuddyPress to the website, you may have noticed the login tab in the top right of the screen, this will allow you to login and use the BuddyPress features, not everything is up and running yet but there is enough for an overveiw.


Many of the members and visitors here are looking for Artisteer specific content, all tutorials will work to version 2.4, however we feel that the 2.5 version of Artisteer is to much of a move away from the WordPress core code and the new structure does not fit well, we hope that Artisteer stop and have another look at what they provide, the product was so good at providing a basis to work from while allowing different skilled users to develop the theme.

The latest Artisteer offering is moving more towards a framework rather than a theme generation tool, if we want to work with a framework there are many better free and commercial offering already out there for us to use.

Twenty Ten Children  

We will be moving forward with the Twenty Ten theme and creating child themes, this will enable the Artisteer users to look at what we are doing and maybe select some elements to add to their Artisteer themes.

So you may be wondering “What is a Twenty Ten Child Theme?”, errm! well you are looking at one, this theme is called Plasticity and is a Twenty Ten child theme, it uses the theme as a foundation inherits it style and assets, we can then change and expand these to our own look and feel.

Plasticity Theme

There is quite a lot of work still to do with this theme as we want it to work well with BuddyPress, and be highly customisable, we are developing a number of template pages, like the selected category home page, left, right and two content columns, slideshow intergration and the social icons in the footer.

A lot of theme elements can already be changed, but we have a lot of tweeking and testing still to do, we have also built in the AddText and AddFunction shortcodes and widgets.

Plasticity Project   

This one will be a big step, we would like feedback before we start, the idea is an opensource plugin that will create and update a child theme based on selections made in the Admin area, a repository where members will be able to upload and download new assets shared by other members to use in thier own themes.

We were looking around the internet for Creative Commons and licence free images, they are out, there like the social icons in the footer on the home page from Aquaticus Social on Deviant Art, we also found several websites for backgrounds and other images, if some website designers use this website as a resource and want to contribute some of thier own backgrounds and menu graphics please get in touch.

To create a really good plugin we would need assets like the website graphics, anyone with php skills, solution architect, project managers, testers etc:, if you have some time and want to get involved the contact us.

Twenty Ten add BuddyPress

We had not really looked at BuddyPress because as theme developers we create themes for WordPress, but recently BuddyPress has become a plugin for WordPress and is supported in the single setup user without the need for Multi-User.

So we started to have a look at installing BuddyPress, the process was to install the BuddyPress plugin which has three steps, one includes editing the .config file so it is not quite plug and play.

After we had configured BuddyPress we went to look for a theme without finding one we really liked, so we thought it could not be to hard to merge BuddyPress into our own theme, or could it?

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