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Hello, there is no longer a requirement to register to download our files, all downloads are now unlocked.



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  1. Hello, I am starting your tutorial series today. I am planning to move my site from to .org. Please have a look I am currently using Structure by Organic.

    I was a teacher at CompUSA for 5 years from ’95-’00 and taught all the web development coding. Sadly, I sustained a head injury in ’01 and have worked very hard to regain about 80%.

    I believe your tutorials will give me the foundational understanding of how this all works. I have a friend helping a tiny bit but I’ve put this entire site together myself.

    So thank you, and I look forward to these tutorials.


  2. Hello,

    I have attempted registration twice, to no avail? I am new to the world of WordPress and it appears your tutorials are the solution to gaining a foundation.


  3. If you have any problems with registration do let me know, I am using a page cache plugin and that was delivering cached pages instead of live pages, caused a fre problems with registration.

    My fault and it should be ok now.


  4. Tried to sign up with the username of Shonie.  Keeps telling me:      ERROR: This username is invalid because it uses illegal characters. Please enter a valid username.

  5. Hi I have activated your login, it is the way I have the software setup, everyone is Guest until I activate the accounts, as I was getting a lot of strange (advertising type) of users signing up!


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