In this series of posts we are looking to convert an Artisteer WordPress theme to be as close as we can get it to the Artisteer html template.

When we change from html to WordPress in Artisteer we loose a lot of the home page layout, things like two cloumns, feature ribbons, and close to the html layout is what we will try to recreate in this series.

Investica Part One


This is the first in a series of posts and code tutorials we are running in April 2011, these are Artisteer based and there has been a slight delay, as a new version of Artisteer was released on the 4th … Continue reading

Investica Part Two


In part one we added two sizes of thumbnail image to our theme, if we look at the Investica Template we can see that there are posts in two columns with a wide image, in part two we will create … Continue reading

Investica Part Three


We can see from the images in the last post that we have a text link Continue Reading… in this section we are going to turn this into a button that fits in nice with out theme, to do this … Continue reading

Investica Part Four


Only one last thing we need to do for the two column post layout and that is to move the image below the title, as Artisteer have moved the post output we cannot change the layout in the page or … Continue reading

Investica Part Five


In part five we are leaving the home page to look at adding a subtitle, a while ago we visited a WordPress website where the theme had a subtitle full width below the menu bar, this was teaser text to … Continue reading