Facebook Tutorial

WordPress to Facebook Minisite Creator Plugin

Digital Raindrops have been busy developing a Plugin for the WordPress.org self hosting platform, this plugin will be free, and until it is beta tested only available on request, the beta version will be released on 1st February 2011, and based on feedback released to all site supporters in March 2011, if there are no major problem with different ISP configuarations, to WordPress Extend plugin directory in April.

What is the Plugin all about?

If you are a Facebook user you may know about fan-pages, templates or minisites, these are separate from your personal facebook page and can be used to promote your business, you clients business,  events and organisations on the facebook website.

Facebook Template Beta 2


It has been two weeks since the Beta 1 was released for testing, after feedback we have made a number of changes. The main topics in this section are still relevant but with a few changes, the major changes are … Continue reading

Footer Options


The next part of our Facebook template or minisite is the footer section, this is a simple HTML or text area, we can set a background, transparent, color fill or an image. Under the footer section is the Digital Raindrops … Continue reading

Content Options


What we have done here is give each page the ability to have up to five rows of content, with up to three columns, we thought that someone might want 15 thumbnails for a photo portfolio, so we have up … Continue reading

Menu Options


To navigate our pages we need to style the menu, there are three types of menu we could use, All Images, No Images, Text and Images, we will look at two of these, the first one will be All Images … Continue reading

Header Options


A lot of the work we have to do is in the header area, this is the part of the page and not the content that will get the attention of a viewer, so we have several options for the … Continue reading

Sheet Options


Once we have set our template options we need to tell our plugin what setting we want for our sheet, Facebook templates and Minisites must be set with a width of 520px, these are the Facebook rules, so we must … Continue reading

Template Options


Starting with the Template Options where we will set the folder name and paths, name the pages and upload the images, the first checkbox we see is the Collapse Page Sections, check this if we are not using Internet Explorer, … Continue reading

Beta Testing


Requirements for the plugin are, a local install of WordPress, FTP account for a target website to upload the files, some HTML and CSS is an advantage but not a requirement, the main requirement is setting aside a little time … Continue reading