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WordPress to Facebook Minisite Creator Plugin

Digital Raindrops have been busy developing a Plugin for the WordPress.org self hosting platform, this plugin will be free, and until it is beta tested only available on request, the beta version will be released on 1st February 2011, and based on feedback released to all site supporters in March 2011, if there are no major problem with different ISP configuarations, to WordPress Extend plugin directory in April.

What is the Plugin all about?

If you are a Facebook user you may know about fan-pages, templates or minisites, these are separate from your personal facebook page and can be used to promote your business, you clients business,  events and organisations on the facebook website.

These can be a simple template page or minisites, these pages may have stylesheets and embedded images, these are not uploaded to Facebook, but are linked from an external website, as a WordPress user you already have the external website, our plugin will create the files and links, this will save the cost of using a third party solution.


Facebook uses a mix of HTML and FBML, which restricts some embedded content, you can have a YouTube video but you have to contain it in FBML code and use a linked image to represent the video, the plugin will deal with the correct code for Facebook, below we will be publishing a how-to series of posts.

Beta Testers!

Requirements for the plugin are, a local install of WordPress, FTP account for a target website to upload the files, some HTML and CSS is an advantage but not a requirement, the main requirement is setting aside a little time to test and feedback, if you do not have any of these please do not join the testers group, as you will have full access after beta testing is complete.

Note: The plugin creates folders and writes files to the \wp-content\uploads\ directory, this should not be a problem in local testing, some ISP may have restrictions on writing to this folder that is why to start we are using a local WAMP or LAMP install, if you do not have this then create a local install this tutorial from Buds Tech Shed may help.

Our website is hosted on a “Microsoft Windows Server” and “Microsoft Internet Explorer” which does not display the subdomain links correctly “go figure”, so please use a different browser for the supporters website, until we can resolve the IE issue.

To join the Beta Testers register and login to: http/supporters.digitalraindrops.net go to the groups section and request to join ‘Facebook Template Testers’, only members of this group will be sent a link to the beta download on the 1st February 2011, all other regsitered supporters will be included at the release candidate stage in March.

More Information can be found here: Facebook Tutorial

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