page-stylesWelcome to Digital Raindrops WordPress. This blog is to display the themes and plugins available from Digital Raindrops, you will find a selection of Free and Premium WordPress themes at Digital Raindrops, also to come web ready images, PSP tubes, scrapkits and other templates.

This blog is the demo site for the Page Styles plugin we are working on for general release later this month or early February, what is the Style Swapper? .

Note: It is  a Page Style switcher and not a theme swapper
As an example It will use the layout and css from any theme in the themes directory, what it does not do is switch sidebars  or content on and off, so if your theme has two sidebars and you apply a single sidebar theme it will not hide the second sidebar it will just put it in the bottom.

What can it be used for?
Changing colors like here on this blog it could be used to change the header graphics for a page, or just for changing the position and widths of sidebars.

The top level menus will cause a color change for each menu item, when you hit the ‘News’ menu item a whole different style is loaded.

How does it work and how long before release?:
It is a WordPress plugin, still under testing and development, it is beta release from the website now.

Once the plugin is activated you get this screen:

Be sure to check back soon visit the main Digital Raindrops website, checkout the Artisteer tutorials and forum

Update: 26th January 2010, now available for download as a beta release

Another Post with Everything In It

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An Ordered List

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A Simple Text Post

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