Child Categories Page


This is a short post, the code is in the child theme download, just two files a page and a loop, on the Artisteer forum someone was asking about having a list of child categories in the page body, one … Continue reading

Twenty Ten Sidebar Menu Styling


WordPress 3 and the default twenty ten theme are a great base for a stand alone website, easy to work with and with a little knowledge you can make your website theme quite unique. The default WordPress theme has a … Continue reading

Add RSS Icons to Twenty Ten

This post is inspired by a post in the WordPress support themes forum, the question was about there being no RSS icon on the twenty ten theme. There are two RSS feeds you can offer from your website, posts and … Continue reading

Twenty Ten Alternate Sidebar


The Twenty Ten default theme comes with Primary and Secondary right sidebars, but they are stacked one above the other, you might be wondering why. At a guess I would say it gives someone new to WordPress the ability to … Continue reading