WordPress Twenty Eleven Pluggable


In April 2011 we wrote a post on pluggable functions, since then we have been looking at other functions like post classes, which we used in the first release of our photo blogging theme. While loitering over on the WordPress … Continue reading

Free WordPress PhotoBlog Theme


Following on from our recent posts on creating different layouts using the post class, we thought it would be fun to apply the layouts to a Photo Blogging Theme. Photo Blogging and photography themes need to be quite plain, as … Continue reading

Resize the Twenty Eleven Theme


We have seen a number of solutions to resize the WordPress twenty eleven theme, there are a number of considerations when resizing the theme, like the built in headers and content area, we thought we would add our own solution … Continue reading

Keyboard Navigation for WordPress Posts

One of the topics on the WordPress Forum asked about adding a snippet of JQuery to a theme, the snippet of code was to navigate the posts using the left and right arrow keys. We were able to quickly create … Continue reading

WordPress Post Class


There are many themes that offer magazine style layouts for the WordPress platform, we thought it would be fun to create a twenty eleven child theme with some different layouts, we have also created a child theme download so you … Continue reading

Twenty Eleven and the Pluggable functions


In the early releases of the WordPress twenty eleven theme, the ‘twenty_eleven_content_nav’ function was not pluggable, so we raised a WordPress trac ticket and politely asked the developers to make the function pluggable for the WordPress child theme developers. This … Continue reading

Understanding WordPress Excerpts


A number of WordPress users find themselves over on the WordPress Forum looking for a code solutions to show excerpts and not full posts on the home page of their website, there are many different theme, and some have options … Continue reading

Woo Themes Flex Slider


The Flex Slider we have been working with has changed ownership to Woo Themes, this does not affect us using the Flex Slider in our own themes, we have created a child theme with two sliders as a proof of … Continue reading