Facebook Like and Send


In the Artisteer Forum a question came up about the Facebook like and send buttons, the problem was where the code was added to a sidebar and the send dialog is hidden. This is likely due to the stylesheet setting … Continue reading

Artisteer 3 Unleashed – Watch this Space


We held off from Artisteer tutorials as we did not like the Version 2.5 and 2.6 as they moved away from the WordPress structure, but things have moved on with Artisteer, they have engaged with their Customers took a lot … Continue reading

12 Days of Atmosphere


I want to share and discuss my experience of submitting a theme to WordPress Extend … I have been creating themes and writing tutorials for a year now, I earn a living writing code for a niche accounting product, to … Continue reading

Simple Directory


We have been thinking about a directory page. One way to increase website traffic is by¬†‘Reciprocal links’, a sort of mutual link site to site. We had a Google for a WordPress directory page and plugins, the pages in nearly … Continue reading