Investica Part Three


We can see from the images in the last post that we have a text link Continue Reading… in this section we are going to turn this into a button that fits in nice with out theme, to do this … Continue reading

Investica Part Two


In part one we added two sizes of thumbnail image to our theme, if we look at the Investica Template we can see that there are posts in two columns with a wide image, in part two we will create … Continue reading

Artisteer 3 Unleashed – Watch this Space


We held off from Artisteer tutorials as we did not like the Version 2.5 and 2.6 as they moved away from the WordPress structure, but things have moved on with Artisteer, they have engaged with their Customers took a lot … Continue reading

Create a Facebook Mini-Site from Artisteer


We are writing a WordPress plugin for creating Facebook mini-sites, and had an email from the Artisteer forum asking about making a mini-site from an Artisteer generated theme. Thinking about this and the different flavours of CMS template and themes … Continue reading

Migration to WordPress 3 Quick Guide


To much information and still finding it a bit scary, lets us make it very easy, this quick guide is all the code changes except the styling, there are only three code block to do honest, first we need to find the header.jpg in … Continue reading

Migrate Artisteer Themes to WordPress 3

We cannot say how easy it is working with child themes, however we understand that some will prefer editing the original themes, so we are following the child tutorials with a simple two file upgrade and a set of options to add the new features to existing Artisteer … Continue reading

Upgrading Artisteer to Version 3 part 7


In part two we added three Menu Locations, and said we will be using the other two later in the series, for our third menu we are going to add the Vertical Menu Widget, this will be a single instance vertical menu … Continue reading