Current Version History

Version 1.5 – 30th November 2010, Version 1.7, 5th December 2010.

Please note: upgrading this theme to 1.7 will result in the theme options being reset.

Changes 1.5 to 1.7

  1. The icons not displayed on some websites, links case sensitive.
  2. The default widget headers were styled different.
  3. language file re-created and renamed
  4. image max-width made smaller to suit theme
  5. WordPress added seach box width changed
  6. Options Page fully rebuilt (Security)
  7. Options Input Validation Added
  8. Image Height Set to Auto
  9. Function prefixed
  10. Footer Menu file removed

Atmosphere 2010

In response to a topic in the WordPress support forum, we have created a new theme Atmosphere 2010, this theme is a simple but pleasant two column narrow theme.

Based on the atmosphere theme published back in 2007, we could not find the original authors contact details, we created a new theme based on the look and feel of the original.


  • Twenty Ten based: A composite theme created from twenty ten
  • Theme Options Page: Allows admin to turn off many of the widgets and other features
  • Social Media Icons: Allows the linking to six social media website
  • Two Column: main and sidebar
  • Header: allows custom image upload and the titles are switchable
  • Wide Template with no sidebars
  • Two WordPress Custom Menus top and main, these can be turned off 
  • One Sidebar with three widget areas, the top and bottom pre-populate with widgets
  • Footer: Four Widget Areas and a text credit line from the theme options page 
  • Gallery and Asides categories are created when the theme is activated
  • Function to clean the post and page html to limit code errors.

You can download this theme from the following location: Atmosphere 2010 Theme (3624)

Theme Options

From the Admin > Appearance > Theme Options, you can set a number of options, these are all set to show when you first activate the theme.


Here you can hide different elements of the theme, hiding the titles still leave them visible for the search engines


There are three sidebars two of which are already populated, adding widgets to these in the widget area will remove the defaults.

  • Primary Widget Area, hide, pages menu, categories, archives, calendar and the links widgets.
  • Secondary Widget Area, empty but allows you to add widgets between the two other areas.
  • Tertiary Widget Area, here you can hide the meta and or search widget. 


Here you can enter a footer credit line, like your address, copyright information etc:

Social Media Icons

Setting the social media links and icons, will give a right icon bar and or a footer icon bar, website links should be the full path starting with the http://, for the email icon start with mailto:, choose a name for these links that will be use as an alt tag, like “follow us”, icons supplied by Aquaticus-Social

Header Options

You can upload a different header image from the Admin > Appearance > Header, use an optimised image of the correct size, there is a product called xHeader that is free if you do not have image editing software.

Background Options

You can upload a background image from the Admin > Appearance > Background, use an optimised image of the correct size, in our example we have changed the color to black #000.

Featured Images

This theme will show a featured image in the home, category and search lists, these can be set on the post edit page, in the right hand column there is a box ‘Featured Image’, here you can set or upload an image to show in the lists, the first post in this list is the sticky post format.

Editor Style

The default editor has been styled to use the same font and sizes as the live website, this gives more of a WYSIWYG look to the editor.

Gallery and Asides Categories

This theme makes use of the twenty ten gallery and Asides post list layouts, you can see a gallery post in the sample website, when the theme is activated these two categories are created for you, just assingn any post to either category to see the different format. 

Feel free to leave any feedback!

63 thoughts on “Atmosphere

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  2. Can you make it like the twentyten theme that you can alternate the header image when the page reloads to random headers?

  3. I really like the atmosphere theme and currently run one of my sites ( and a friend’s site with it. We have noticed one issue (and we are not coders, so fixing it is a mystery to us). When viewing the sites using Explorer the date stamp for the first blog post on the page overlaps the menu bar under the header.

  4. I still really like this theme. Any chance of adding an option for a left-hand sidebar on the next update? There is plenty of room.

  5. Beautiful theme! Thank you so much. One question. Is there a way to change the body background color from black to a dark blue? I noticed the CSS options in the editor section but didn’t see anything that looked like it would change the background. I know that the background outside of the actual body of the theme can be changed very easily but how about the black background that holds the text and content?

    Many thanks.


    • Hi Tom,
      There are a number of considerations you would have to make, it would not just be the content area but the sidebars, menus, borders, calendar etc;

      The best way to experiment would be to create a child theme to work with, see ‘2010 Tutorial’ > ‘Getting Started’ and create a child theme importing the Atmospher 2010 theme.

      Then look at the style.css file and search for the word background, then add the styles to the child themes style.css and experiment.



  6. Hi Tom, Love this theme. Nice crisp and simple. One question though – when i add google adsense code into posts and into the text widget to display adverts the ads don’t seem to appear. Is there a reason for this?

  7. Hi superb work !

    I can’t find where I may change the text input color for the search box i’ts hard to read.

    Well I would like to change the text color everywhere, where the background color is white, in all input field.

    Is this very complicated ?


  8. Hiya
    Great theme!! Thanks!
    I cannot get the blog title and description to turn off though as I want to have an image only as the header with the title in a specific font.. Any ideas why??
    Also I want to increase the font size a bit and change the font colour as its not very clear..
    Where in the css can I do that??
    Thanks in advance..

    • In the Admin > Appearance > Theme Options, General > Hide Titles, and save options.

      In the style.css add the color changes, do not edit existing so you can roll back if you need to, if you wanted #F1F1F1 and the fron from 10px to 11px then,

      textarea {
      color: #F1F1F1;
      font-size: 11px;

      Search for color: and font-size: to find the other places, there are quite a few so be aware that it is a narrow theme!


  9. Great theme! However, I cannot find where to remove the delicious, RSS, technorati, stumble & digg icons. I’ve searched all php files in the Editor. Can you help point me to the right place? Thanks so much in advance!

    • All these are on the Theme Options page, go to Admin > Appearance > Theme Options

      In the general section ‘Hide Side Icons’, ‘Hide Footer Icons’, there is also a social media section.


  10. Great looking theme…is there a way to reduce the height of the Header image? Every time i try to replace it it crops to the larger size….Ideally i don’t want the whole header as tall, it seems to take up half the screen :O(


      • So, that code i just applied to the bottom of style.css did change the header to 250px tall, which is perfect, but the image is still cropped and skewed. Is there a way to bypass using the Manage Theme Custom Header upload, which wants to automatically crop the image to 724 × 314 pixels?

  11. Hi Matt,
    I’ve been hacking your lovely theme to get a 960 theme and it works very well, apart from in Internet Explorer 7 (or compatibility mode in IE8). It is something to do with the spacing of the top header before the main image, as with compatibility view on (IE7 mode), this disappears, whereas with it off (IE8 mode) it works fine. The same effect happens on your demonstration site. Any brilliant ideas – I have scoured through comparing your style sheet to the original twentyten stylesheet, but so far no luck…

  12. OK , solved it- it is the way in which you use wrapper-jpg outside the #branding div. If you revert back to the standard 2010 construct and use the standard method of image CSS (resized as needed), deleting the wrapper-jpg constructs in header/Theme options and Stylesheet and re-insert the standard #branding, it works in IE7, IE8, Safari and Google Chrome. I know it is a pain for IE7, but it makes it more standard. There might be another way – it is actually the interaction with the new pagemenu that is the painful bit, but this worked for me.

    • Glad you have it sorted, the #wrapper-jpg was so the title could sit over the image, in twenty ten the title sits above the image.

      What is a 960 theme is that just the width?

      If you want send a link and I will add your version to the directory page.



  13. Hi There
    I am trying to reduce the height of the Header want to keep the width but change the initial height of it…
    Please help…

  14. Hello! Love the theme… I wish you had a wider one with that image. Love the image but I’d like to extend it to be closer to 1024 so somewhere under 1000 width with a sidebar of 250. Lots of widgets just don’t well with the 155 and I don’t want to cut into the blog post real estate. Maybe adding 100 to each, so 914. I played with the css and didn’t seem to figure out what controls that, i changed it never seemed to extend the width, even if the header is still 714 (for the moment).

    Thanks for a beautiful simple theme with great options. 🙂

  15. Really like this theme! Is there a way I can make the text size bigger for the page names (under the header)? I’d like to bring more attention to the pages. Thanks.

  16. Digital Raindrops,
    Was able to extend the access to 900px(width) (menu underneath header image) and the entire page to 900px, however I am having difficulty extending the header image beyond the 724x 314. I have entered the following code below and now the header jpg pic extends to 714px (width) then repeats partial image to 900px(width). Where do I change or add code to get my header jpg to extend to a width of 900px?
    #branding {
    width: 900px;

    • In functions.php

      define( ‘HEADER_IMAGE_WIDTH’, apply_filters( ‘atmosphere_header_image_width’, 724 ) );
      define( ‘HEADER_IMAGE_HEIGHT’, apply_filters( ‘atmosphere_header_image_height’, 314 ) );



      • I recently made this change to my theme but it hasn’t changed the header image size at all. What have I done wrong?

        Everything else I changed has worked fine, basically just changed all the 724 references in styles to 900. I’d like to change the header image to 900×390 in order to scale it up correctly but this function isn’t doing anything, I still see the image being partially repeated.

        • Nevermind. I fixed this. It appears I had failed to change the height style.css as well as the branding div size.

          Anyone wishing to change these should just do ctrl+f “314”

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  18. Thanks for the reply David
    However this did not change the width of the header image. Everything else is at 900px, but the header image. In wordpress loading header restricts image to 724 x 314, is there a way round this? The image is to 900px, but it is 724px plus another 176px of the image. See image at
    Thanks -Doug
    define( ‘HEADER_TEXTCOLOR’, ” );
    define( ‘HEADER_IMAGE’, ‘%s/images/header.jpg’ );
    define( ‘HEADER_IMAGE_WIDTH’, apply_filters( ‘atmosphere_header_image_width’, 900 ) );
    define( ‘HEADER_IMAGE_HEIGHT’, apply_filters( ‘atmosphere_header_image_height’, 314 ) );

  19. Have made custom edits to the style sheet. Every edit has been successful. Just need pointed in the right direction. Where in the code can I change the background and text color for the post comment button? I was able to change the background color and text input for the *name *email* *website*comment, but can not locate the code for the post comment button. Thanks Doug

    • Hi, can you please tell me how to change the black background colour and text if you managed to figure it out? I have been trying to get info on this for weeks, Thanks

  20. I ove this theme, just wondering if I can change the black background colour to a light colour and the text body to black, Is the css editable and where do I log in to change it? I know to go to editor but then there is several options under Style sheets, dont know which one to go in and edit? Thanks, Gavin

  21. Dear Digital Raindrops,
    I’m having trouble getting the WYSIWYG rich text editor to actually display what I need it to. I need some text to be bold and larger, am I limited to what is within the text format drop down menu? When I highlight the text I would like to bolden and enlarge and click Header 1 or Header 2, it changes all of the text in the body to that format. It also automatically double spaces when I click enter, when I need it to be single spaced. I’ve looked around every corner of the internet for the answer, but can’t seem to find anything that addresses this issue. Please get back to me! Thank you! ~Spencer

  22. I absolutely love the theme. I’m very new to blogs yet have an excellent mentor assisting me through various set up challenges. Is it possible to add the “exerpts” feature to this theme? If so, I would appreciate your walking me through it.

    Thank You. Frank (

  23. I´ve a nice blogg installed in swedish. But the posts still have “posted on” and “by” in english. Anyone who knows how to change it?

  24. Hi, does anyone know how to disallow comments on pages? I cant any option where it ususlly is in most themes

    • I’m also interested in this. I love this theme, but I only need comments on my front page

      • Never mind, found it. In either Page Template or One column, no sidebar Page Template, I removed the line:

        Hoping this doesn’t screw up anything else, but so far, so good.

  25. Thanks for the nice theme! Is there a way that I can add the Soundcloud icon to your social icon images? My son, whose site it is, is a DJ that has his own tracks on Soundcloud. (I am going to try uploading it to the folder you have them in and hope it shows up!)
    Thank you for building that feature into the theme- so sweet!!!

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  27. I’ve just installed atmosphere, and can’t seem to find a widget that allows readers to subscribe. Where is it? Tks!

  28. does anyone know how to edit the css, I can edit it in firebug but when it comes to really doing it nothing changes

  29. I really like this theme. It works really well for my site. One question I have is about changing how images are displayed. Currently, if I include a description with an image embedded into a post, the image and description get a white frame that makes it look like a Polaroid. Where can I change that? Can I also include links in that image description?

  30.  I love this theme. I use it on both websites I am currently managing. My question is about parented pages and the main menu. What do I need to change in order for only parent pages to appear in the main menu?


  31. Hi – I’m sure this is a simple question but I’m trying to change what’s posted the main content area of the home page. Right now, it shows all the recent posts in full length. I’d like to be able to limit this to just the title and excerpt of the last 3 or 4 posts. Can this be done using the included options in the template? Thank you.

  32. Hi

    I installed your theme (it’s amazing btw), and I am attempting to stretch the margin and picture so it fits the screen.  I’m new to code,  but I’ve dabbled in the  code section and have only manage to change the location of the content, like the words inside the page.  I was wondering if you could possibly tell me the location in the code to make the template fit the screen.  Thanks!

  33. Hey dude 🙂 you have
    shared effective thought about wordpress theme! In my view current version is
    more than effective to create new theme. I wanna follow you tips what you have
    shared about current version. Thanks 🙂

  34. Hi and love this them and as a newbie to all this html stuff, it just looses me. My only problem is that when my site is viewed in Mozilla its fine, but when viewed in IE, things go wrong. The main header jpg becomes to wide and all my wdgets from the sidebar now appear down the bottom of the sidebar. Could you please explain to me what I have to do to fix this.
    Thanks again.
    My site is

    • Hi Peter,
      It will be bad html tags in the content or sidebar widgets, this is the case in 99% of the cases.

      Go to: and type in your website url.

      Look in the results for where it says OMMITTAG the elements must be closed properly />, I cannot post an example here as it will strip the closing tags!

      There is a checkbox show source check this and revalidate, then you will have hyperlinks to the error lines.



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