Keyboard Navigation for WordPress Posts

One of the topics on the WordPress Forum asked about adding a snippet of JQuery to a theme, the snippet of code was to navigate the posts using the left and right arrow keys.

We were able to quickly create a child theme and test the code and it works well, we thought we would share the solution and child theme with our readers.

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Live CSS Stylesheet Editing

Sometimes we may have a small style change we want to try for our live website, it would be nice if this could be done without editing the stylesheet, saving, adjusting, saving again, and forgetting what the values were before we started.

Well there is a non-destructive way we can test our changes, without changing a single line in our stylesheet, without having to edit or upload our changes.

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WordPress Post Class

There are many themes that offer magazine style layouts for the WordPress platform, we thought it would be fun to create a twenty eleven child theme with some different layouts, we have also created a child theme download so you can grab that, review the code and use it as you want.

This post was the result of answering two topics on the same day over on the WordPress forum, the first topic wanted a way to style the page content for a table layout, the second wanted a different style for a set number of posts.

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