Squashed Blackberry bill payers tsunami

Totally of topic for Digital Raindrops, nothing to do with WordPress but there could be a payment tsunami coming for the bill payers for the families Blackberry phones.

My grandson uses a Blackberry Curve phone to keep in touch with his friends via the Blackberry BB Messaging service, the phone is a contract phone that I pay for, he is really good uses the BB messages and the bills have been really low, until the Blackberry Outage.

The Phone

We chose the Blackberry with a Virgin Media contract that has 50 free minutes, 250 free text, 1000 Virgin network to Virgin network minutes and unlimited Blackberry BB messaging, as a Virgin Media customer this is a great contract and all has been fine, bills have been coming in at £15-£20 a month, much less than we paid to top up his Pay-as-you-Go mobile.



Blackberry Service Outage

The Blackberry service was down for three days this week, and the bill went up by £50 for these three days, I should have had a text alert to say that the £50 limit on the phone had been passed, but it never happened.

Checking the account as it is due I was shocked at the £69 bill, so I called Virgin Media to talk to the accounts department after looking at loads of £0.15 text messages for yesterday, then the “penny dropped”

I asked them to check the text messages since the 1st October – 12th October 2011, “Nothing until the 10th the lady said”, this confirmed what I had thought, Blackberry’s outage has just cost me £50!


When Blackberry Messaging went off line, my grandson changed back to texting his friends, the 250 free texts he never really used before were done in no time at all, then the text’s went to £0.15 a text, my Grandson was not to know, if he thinks the bill might be higher, like when he got chatting for two hours to a “friend” he will call and explain.

Lets hope this prepares some of the payers of contract phones where text messages were used when the Blackberry Messaging service failed, no chance of us getting anything back so it is “bite the bullet and pay the bill!”

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