Squashed Blackberry bill payers tsunami

Totally of topic for Digital Raindrops, nothing to do with WordPress but there could be a payment tsunami coming for the bill payers for the families Blackberry phones.

My grandson uses a Blackberry Curve phone to keep in touch with his friends via the Blackberry BB Messaging service, the phone is a contract phone that I pay for, he is really good uses the BB messages and the bills have been really low, until the Blackberry Outage.

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Twenty Eleven Page of Posts Extended

We recently published a post on a WordPress Page of Posts template page for the twenty eleven theme using a child theme, the WordPress page of posts child theme used custom fields to choose a category and a style for the posts, we were asked how to set the number of posts, and how to choose an order by value.

This made the original system a little harder to manage, a lot of custom fields and values to remember, so we got thinking how we could make it easy for the admin to choose values to display the posts, so we have created a new child theme that uses post meta values which is intuitive and easy to manage.

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