Revolving Door Opens

As this website has evolved we have tried different systems to engage with our visitors, we restricted the downloading of files to registered users, added a forum, and tried BuddyPress

We have concluded that visitors to our website, find us while looking for a solution to a problem and do not really want to engage with us, so we are making some changes to Digital Raindrops.


We will be removing the registration options at the end of September 2011, this will mean we will not have to renew the licence on our membership plugin and help to reduce the overheads of running this website by $100 a year.


We will also be removing the forum at the end of September 2011, the forum get very few visitors which means that we do not visit it as often as we should, there are a number of other well visited forums and we will be leaving the comments system open.


The content and downloads will continue to be uploaded and supported, no registration will be required, this means that if we update content or a download the only way a visitor will know is if they re-visit, as we will have no contact details.


After the comments below to this post, we have added a Feedburner Subscribe, if you want to be notified by email when we post please use this service.

Support Digital Raindrops

There is a cost to running this website which to date has never been met by advertising, subscriptions or donations, we will leave the donations button in the sidebar, and any donations will be well received and go towards running the website.

5 thoughts on “Revolving Door Opens

  1. I would love to receive announcements via email of your new articles. If you use Feedburner and set your site’s the RSS feed option to excerpt readers would receive an email and travel to you site to read the full article. Right now I remember to travel to your site about once a month and I am always finding new articles I wish I would have read sooner.

    • Hi Sue,
      I already had feedburner for a sub site, I have updated it for this website, use the rss icon in the right sidebar.

      Only problem is the adsense is coming after every excerpt, and I cannot find where to switch these off!

      If you know of a subscribe plugin for the feedburner let us know.


  2. Is there an option to turn the ads off in the Monetize Tab in Feedburner? I see in my feed an option there to configure ad sense.

    Also, to turn on the email feature you will need to go to the Publicize Tab and turn on the Email Subscription feature. You will find the code etc. for the subscribe by email feature for your sidebar in that section. Personally, I don’t mind your ads your info is good – I am really looking forward to get your updates in my inbox!

    I do use one plugin for my feed it is called Align RSS images. I tend to left align images in my articles and this plugin keeps the alignment correct in the feed and emails.

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