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We are more amazed with Google day by day, on this blog we try to write on a regular basis, the posts are our own work and all about WordPress development, tutorails, tips, how to’s, articles etc: however we do read posts complaining that Google sends no traffic to other websites, or posts are buried way down the results.

Today we wrote an article for the twenty eleven theme with additional navigation menus, we try to keep the text on track and minimal, using picture as a guide rather than wordy sentences, there are many millions of posts about WordPress, this post was “page one” on the Google search within an hour.

We get over 50% of our traffic via the Google Search engine, visitors spend on average two minutes, as most come to a specific single page looking for an answer the bounce rate tends to be higher for Google, as one page view could be seen as a bounce.

We get many other visits from referral websites like the support forum, where we try to answer some theme questions, the benefit is that we may have a post that answers a question, so we will link to the post.

From the search engines “Google just Rocks the House”, bringing 97% of the search traffic.

Search Words

We use the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin, if we look at the meta generated by the plugin, it is just an excerpt from the post, so it is more about the keywords from the way we format our posts rather than tags.

<meta name=’description’ content=’This post has a WordPress child theme download and shows how to use three menu’s with the Twenty Eleven theme, we will often see themes with a top menu‘ />


The Title: “Twenty Eleven Three Menus”, so we have three nice keywords in the title.

The Excerpt: ‘This post has a WordPress child theme download and shows how to use three menu’s with the Twenty Eleven theme, we will often see themes with a top menu

The Search

Well we searched as we would looking for information on how to add extra menus, “WordPress twenty eleven extra menu”, there we are #7 on page one, this is just 56 minutes after posting to our website, looking at the relevance of the other results we are possibly the first that answers the search terms.

We do not know why, and it has taken two years to build the traffic, but Google does work sending traffic to your website, if your posts are relevant to a search, and you position the keywords prominent in your pages or posts.

One thought on “Google Page One in Minutes

  1. A couple years ago, it used to be hard for me to get a good position in Google but I did not know as much back then. Since then, I have been in college taking classes and will graduate in June in the field of Search Engine Optimization & Marketing.

    Once you learn how to do SEO correctly, it becomes so much easier to gain many great positions in the Almighty Google. I think the secret is education and learning in white hat all the way. I would never try to do anything black hat as I think that Google will always catch up to you sooner or later. And even if it’s later, all your efforts will be wasted eventually.

    You got a really nice blog here David and I can tell that you spent a lot of time working on it.
    Derek Bowman

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