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At a recent Meetup London WordPress Group meeting there was an interesting presentation about Selling Digital Products by Bryce Whitty, during the presentation Bryce spoke about how he created a set of digital assets aimed at a target group, giving one asset away for free, via a link sent to an email account, then marketing to the interest group with an email campaign.

Just by luck we have found a great example that we could relate to, the free give-away product to prompt us to buy the manual is for WordPress Windows users, and may well be relevant to some of the many visitors to this website.

Instant WordPress

The InstantWP website we discovered via a linked article on a WordPress website we were browsing, InstantWP is a full develop environment that we can run from our PC or even a USB stick, it does not install dll’s in system folders or update the registry, it just runs in it’s own little environment.

The downloaded executable file created a full development environment for Windows users, one that we could install and run from a USB stick, this means we can take our development work anywhere there is a PC.

InstantWP will run mySql through phpMyAdmin, and WordPress is already installed in the files, it is great to get started with development, we can take it with us on a USB stick or an external drive.

Anywhere we want WordPress, with no need for an internet connection, it could make a great training aid in a classroom environment, or a test website for a client or presentation.

We just installed InstantWP and run it from a folder, No WAMPP was required, we just thought it would be good not to share.


The InstantWP paid Digital Product ($27) is a document ‘Instant WordPress Unleashed’ covers:

  • Design your website on your own Windows machine and duplicate your entire Instant WordPress installation onto a web server in a few minutes, quickly and easily.
  • Take a snapshot of a live WordPress website and duplicate it in Instant WordPress to test it for WordPress upgrades.
  • Design a WordPress website in Instant WordPress and clone it multiple times across the web.
  • Give your clients a “training sandbox” of their live WordPress site in Instant WordPress so that can learn how to use WordPress without damaging their live website.
  • Clone your live WordPress website for use in presentations and exhibitions in places where you don’t know if there will be Internet access.
  • Learn how to secure a migration from Instant WordPress from hacking.
  • Carry around a full professional WordPress development environment on a USB key.


Notice: We are not connected in anyway to InstantWP and there are no affiliate links in this post, is just looked so relevant for our visitors, we wrote this quick post.


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