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I have tried one or two meet up groups in London, the first one I found myself in Kings Cross in a smallish room above a bar, it was well attended and the people were very chatty and made me feel at home, all the talk was marketing based and I had a few discussions on different subjects, it was good to see some of the entrepreneurial flair and niche markets being looked at.


I had a couple of chats about the Internet my website, the traffic numbers, and how could I make any money from it, but it came down to suggestions like writing an eBook, charging for downloads or pay per view posts where you start with a primer, and the visitor pays to read more.

This was not what I had in mind when I created Digital Raindrops, the original concept was for little digital blocks (droplets) of helpful code, a programming resource website that would be easy to manage and benefit the visitors.

The second was a small group of developers, these had a range of beginner to advanced, there were no real WordPress users, some small chat about different CMS systems and a few boasts of how much one could earn from website development, an exchange of business cards, many of these were Moo cards and they sit on a shelf above my computer, these meeting have left me feeling indifferent to meet up groups, they are in the evening and require leaving work sharp to get into town.

I am still a member of the Meet up website and received an email today about a new group just for WordPress and it is in London, United Kingdom, I joined the group and will be attending meetings, the groups owner rather summed it up quite nicely.

As a freelancer, I spend a lot of time isolated in my little development world. Although the internet is a fantastic tool for connecting with others, there’s no doubting the value of face to face contact.

I am hoping that others will join the group and share ideas, talk about projects, and it might be a good place for people interested in WordPress to come along, it would be nice to meet any Local visitors to this website, get some face to face feedback, network a little and have a beer.

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