Artisteer 3 Unleashed – Watch this Space

We held off from Artisteer tutorials as we did not like the Version 2.5 and 2.6 as they moved away from the WordPress structure, but things have moved on with Artisteer, they have engaged with their Customers took a lot on board, and with the latest ‘Version 3 Beta 2’ build we are quite excited and back in the saddle.

This version has had a major overhaul many new features, it has been in beta for quite a while, it is still buggy but they are on the case, the trigger for us was seeing Artisteer start to use get_template_part(), as we use this call in all our twenty ten tutorials, our visitors that have followed the twenty ten tutorials will feel quite at home with the Artisteer themes.

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Artisteer V3 Beta 2 – Three Sidebars

It has been quite a while since we have written anything for the Artisteer themes community, where a lot has changed with the product and the themes it generates, the latest offering is far closer to the WordPress structure we like, but still has a lot of “art-” functions, however we feel that the latest release if worth a look.

One thing that Artisteer has never done out the box is to add a wide sidebar over two slimmer bars, these are often required for AdSense or other 336px blocks, there are a number of ways to add the script, we can code it easy into the templates pages, but then changing the script could be a nightmare, to make it easy to maintain we prefer a Widgetized area.

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