Twenty Ten and AdSense

We have been having a play while waiting for WordPress 3.1 to be a full release, one of the things we have been looking at is Google AdSense and how to use this in a theme.

There were a number of questions that a Google search answered, we found a nice heat map from Google and also looked at which size adverts get the most clicks and where to place them.

Three twenty ten child themes have been created and we want to share these, they are only tested on a local environment and have taken into account the new twenty ten theme that will be released in WordPress Version 3.1.

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12 Days of Atmosphere

I want to share and discuss my experience of submitting a theme to WordPress Extend …

I have been creating themes and writing tutorials for a year now, I earn a living writing code for a niche accounting product, to learn how to code themes I started with Artisteer and now WordPress, php and css and this is just a hobby.

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Child Theme Creator

It is hard for anyone starting out with self hosted WordPress theme development to experiment with colors and other style changes, so we thought we would share this Twenty Ten child theme.

It is a simple form with a few lines of code behind it, but it may be helpful without the pains of having to keep uploading files, it will produce the styles text you generate for a child theme or to add to a stylesheet,  you can just copy and paste the text, it also allows for custom styles. 

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Twenty Ten Tweaked Theme?

I am a regular visitor to the WordPress forum and there are a lot of questions about editing the WordPress Twenty Ten theme, it looks like a lot of privateers or novice developers are editing the core theme files.

Should it be handshakes all around, and a pat on the back as that has solved the problem, or has it just caused a bigger problem for later?

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Twenty Ten Sidebar Menu Styling

WordPress 3 and the default twenty ten theme are a great base for a stand alone website, easy to work with and with a little knowledge you can make your website theme quite unique.

The default WordPress theme has a sidebar menu but this is hard to style, we tried a lot of different ways to style the menu, in conclusion we have taken the menu above the sidebars into a template part.

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Checking the Atmosphere Theme

Digital Raindrops have had their first theme accepted into the WordPress themes directory, we learned quite a bit while preparing the theme for the directory and discovered that some of the calls we have in our code have been superseded, so we thought we would create a post with some details about these.

Even if you are not creating a theme for the WordPress directory, we would recommend theme developers using the test data and tools that are used for submitting to WordPress, you cannot submit Child Themes or Artisteer themes to the WordPress theme directory, we just re-engineered the twenty ten theme.

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