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The Twenty Ten default theme comes with Primary and Secondary right sidebars, but they are stacked one above the other, you might be wondering why.

At a guess I would say it gives someone new to WordPress the ability to add widgets to the secondary sidebar without losing the built in widgets on the primary sidebar, we are going to use the secondary sidebar for a template page.

Over on the WordPress Forums a question was asked about having pages with a different sidebar in the default twenty ten theme.

There are a number of ways to do this editing the default theme or using a child theme, we have done this using a child theme, editing just one existing file and adding two new files, we did this without touching the style.css or the functions.php.

How We Did It 

We created a new child theme folder, added a new style.css file for the child theme, and copied the screenshot.php from the twenty ten themes folder to our child themes folder.

We took the sidebar.php file and copied this to the child theme, opened the file and removed the code for the secondary sidebar, created a new file sidebar-2.php and added the secondary sidebar code to this file.

Taking the page.php file from the parent and copying this to the child theme, renamed the file and added the template code in the file, we replaced the get_sidebar() with get_template_part(‘sidebar’,2)

That was all it needed, now we have a template page with the secondary sidebar, we are not going to get into the code as this is just a reply to a forum question.

The Download 

2010 Alternate Sidebar (1568)

We have zipped up the files into a child theme file, this can be used as is or you can take out any parts you want, to add this to a copy of the default twenty ten, we know that some will prefer this method, open the zip, replace sidebar.php, add sidebar-2.php and page-secondary.php

The Template

Add some widgets to the Admin > Appearance > Widgets > ‘Secondary Widget Area’, then Pages > Pages select a page and Quick Edit or Edit and apply the ‘Secondary Sidebar’ template.  


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2 thoughts on “Twenty Ten Alternate Sidebar

  1. Problem: After moving the sidebar.php, sidebar-2.php and page-secondary.php files into my child theme folder, viewing the home page (not a static page) and all posts, the original sidebar with the sidebar widgets that I’ve already added to them is no longer there; I can view only the secondary sidebar.

    Meanwhile, in the backend, Appearance > widgets, the sidebar still shows all the widgets that were added to both the default primary and secondary widget areas before moving the files ‘sidebar.php’, ‘sidebar-2.php’ and ‘page-secondary.php’ into the theme folder. There is no sign of any alternative sidebar in the backend.

    I want to keep my home page as it is, with the default sidebar and its current widgets, but I want to be able to select an alternative sidebar for pages and posts. And somehow or other, this solution is not working as it should. Help?

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