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After some feedback about the way we structured the tutorials and the content we are creating a set of tutorials for the twenty ten theme over the next six weeks, we will cover many areas of theme modification without editing a single file of the original theme, we will do this with the use of many of the new WordPress functions, the recent changes in ‘WordPress 3’ have changed our thinking on theme development.

Where we would have copied all files to a new directory and edited these, we are now following WordPress best practices and using child themes, we are also making use of the new menus, template parts and other goodies.

The feeling was that we had changed direction and instead of empowering visitors to learn about theme development we were just uploading the files for them to download, this is not the direction we want the website to continue to take.

Going back to the first few posts we made, these were far more intuitive and had small understandable steps which could be followed, both educational and with an end product, we are going back to this system.

The first few tutorials have been posted, Getting Started, Second Navigation Menu, Smooth Slider and Titles, there will be no download files as the library will build in each section, these tutorials all use a ‘Twenty Ten’ child theme that we create in the Getting Started section.

Feedback and suggestions as always are welcomed, these are never seen in a negative light as we can learn more from critique than we can from praise.


We have a dedicated area for this series of tutorials and they can be found here:

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