Changing Times

Digital Raindrops is a website for sharing information about WordPress and theme development, and we hope it will become a well visited and useful website and resource for visitors looking for WordPress tutorials.

After some recent feedback we are changing the way we present our tutorials, we had not really considered enough the different levels of skill our visitors have, and like a lot of websites just presented a lot of information with the assumption the visitors understood what was written.

On analysis our bounce rate (visitors arriving and leaving right away) was not as low as we would have liked, we were about 10-15% above the average, where the average bounce rate according to Google Analytics is 47.46% for a website of this size, although we are still 30% short of average visitors, but our time on site is better than average “go figure”, we think that this was down to the way we presented content, a few large pages, so we are looking again at our content making it more targetted and bite size.

We have just started a series of tutorials on theme development for WordPress 3 this is using child themes and some of the new functions, and to help the reader we are introducing a set of helper images and a clearer writing style, we liked the way the “for dummies” books use helper images to identify areas of text, and we have created a set of our own to use in our posts.

We do welcome feedback from visitors, because we cannot improve the content without knowing what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong, we know that when we are looking for answers ourself they are most often to technical or not related to the question we asked, so the level of detail and information will be key for our tutorials to be of use.

You may have also noticed the login tab at the top of the page, we have BuddyPress intergrated into the website and will be introducing groups where specific questions can be asked and answered, all this will take time but we are keen to build the website into a good resource with your support.

This website has gone through a few changes over the last twelve months from Artisteer to WordPress, but we think we have found our balance, with the returning visitors, time on site and page depth improving daily.     

Thanks for your support.