Twenty Ten Tutorials

After some feedback about the way we structured the tutorials and the content we are creating a set of tutorials for the twenty ten theme over the next six weeks, we will cover many areas of theme modification without editing a single file of the original theme, we will do this with the use of many of the new WordPress functions, the recent changes in ‘WordPress 3’ have changed our thinking on theme development.

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We often see requests on various forums asking about removing the blog and or page titles, but the advice we have seen for removing the page title often suggests just hacking or deleting code.

If we follow the steps in this tutorial we will be able to hide the title and description in our templates with css additions, and preserving all the original code in our header.php.  

The blog title is very important as it is indexed by search engines, removing the title could damage our search traffic, so we will deal with the blog title and page titles without doing any damage to our theme, search traffic or ranking.

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Smooth Slider

There are a number of different slideshows that can be added to WordPress, many of these require the addition of code to the theme, in this series of tutorials we will be using two or three of the slideshows, we are starting with adding Smooth Slider to our home (index) page.

If we follow this tutorial we will be able to add a slideshow to any theme where WordPress 3 is running, in this tutorial we will be adding the slideshow above the content of our blog entries on just the home page.

We have started with Smooth Slider because it is easy to use and administer, we will use a template part to add the slideshow to the theme, this will mean that the slideshow can be added to other pages in the same way if required.

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The Second Menu

We have all seen the websites with a secondary menu at the top with the more boring page links, what we will do in this part is to create a secondary menu in our twenty ten child theme, lets stop and think about what we want the menu to look like, it would look silly if it had the same style as the main menu so it will need a style of it’s own.

If we follow the steps in this tutorial we will be able to add a second menu bar to a WordPress theme, have looked at theme locations, which is the code that injects the menu into a themes header, and the styling of a new navigation bar. 

We will need to do the following steps, let WordPress know we want a new menu location in the functions.php file, create a new and different style for this menu and add the menu to the header.php

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