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This little module is theme independent, you can add this to any theme with a functions.php file, in the sprit of the twenty ten theme it gives you twenty advertisement or html text blocks.

AddText has it’s own widget that you can drag to the sidebars, and it has shortcodes so you can insert you advertisement or text into any post, so it could be a signature, disclaimer, targeted affiliate advertisement.

Artisteer - Web Design Generator
If you were writing a post about Artisteer you could insert a targetted advertising block like this one on the left using an addText block.
You could add any of your LinkShare Referral Programtext links or banners, not just advertising how about a html text block like a page footer in the selected posts to target the readers.

This can be done with just adding one of the AddText shortcodesthat you created on the admin options page, inside the page or post content in the editor.

The test will wrap if you select the left or right options, as you can see our Atrtisteer affiliate advertisment is left justified and the text is wrapped.

Like the two in this post you can also position the text block inside its own container, by adding a left, right or center.

Just like this center justified Google adSense banner splitting the post sentences.

You can download the Twenty Ten theme here with the addText and  Dynamic Footer Twenty Ten - Add Text (1306).


The Theme

We strongly advise that you test on a local install, if you have Windows and do not have a local install then follow Buds tutorial, Bud also has a new Theme add on for extending Artisteer themes if you are not happy editing code.

We have added the AddText to the WorPress free twenty ten theme, we have also renamed the theme so it will not conflict or overwrite anything you already have, upload the theme and activate it from Admin > Appearance > Themes.


Text Blocks

You will now notice that there is a new option “AddText” under settings on the left admin panel, this is where you add the text to insert into pages, posts and widgets, this has four sections of five text blocks.


The sections by default will be expanded, you can select to collapse these and save changes, some browsers like IE8 do not always render the admin page correctly, that is why we added the option to leave the sections expanded, if you have an adSense account ( installs only) grab some code to add to the blocks, or you can just add any text for a try out.

Add names for your AddText blocks, if the name and content are not entered then the shortcode will not return anything, use single text only words, any spaces will be removed when you save changes.


You can see in this screenshot that the instructions on the right are updated with the title you have entered, have a look at the construction of the shortcode open Bracket “[” addtext, Name or number, position and close bracket “]”, the position is optional but no formatting is done, with left, right and center there is a float, and margin applied.

AddText Widget

We have included a widget so you can add the text to sidebars, footers etc:, from Appearance, Widgets you will see in the top row our AddText Widget, select this and drag it across to one of the primary sidebars.


We have only two dropdowns to select, position and title are optional, save and close, that is it all done here.



Posts and Pages

To add the addText to a post or page just select the html option on the right and type in a short code, in this screenshot you can see the start of each paragraph we have added a short code, in the first we have used the name and in the second we have used the index.


Adding to your Themes

This is easy copy the cms-adtext folder across to your own themes folder, open functions.php and copy the last lines, and paste these in your themes, functions.php.

/* add Digital Raindrops Ad and Text Shortcodes and Widget */
if (file_exists(TEMPLATEPATH. '/cms-adtext/cms-adtext-functions.php')) include_once(TEMPLATEPATH. '/cms-adtext/cms-adtext-functions.php');


Digital Raindrops AddText

Admin Icons WooFunction

Options Page Rohan Mehta NetTuts


Note: we do require your feedback to improve our themes and tutorials, please leave your comments good or bad.

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7 thoughts on “Theme AddText for WordPress

  1. Hi,
    There was a small problem with the first download file, nothing bad just an option we used in testing was not set, we have updated the download, and as you can see in this post and sidebar all is working as expected.

    Enjoy, visit again, and don't forget some feedback?


  2. Hi David

    I'm trying to get my head round exactly what function addtext is offering.

    Have I got it correct? – it allows you to PRESET 20 text boxes that you can then add anywhere in your site – sidebar / page / post / footer? If so, this is fantastic!

    I also don't get how to install it :
    “This is easy copy the cms-adtext folder across to your own themes folder, open functions.php and copy the last lines, and paste these in your themes, functions.php.”

    I cant see a download for the cms-adtext folder, so am I right in thinking that I should download the “Twenty Ten – Add Text (5).” theme? Copy the cms-adtext folder from this theme to the theme I want to use it in, and copy the last 2 lines from the functions. php in the “Twenty Ten – Add Text (5).” theme to my own theme functions.php?


  3. Hi Paul,
    You are correct 20 html text area options, download the twenty ten modified theme, copy the cms-adtext 'folder' from twenty ten to any other theme folder, open modified twenty ten functions.php copy the last two lines to the new themes functions.php.

    Then you have a widget for sidebars and footer sidebars, and shortcode to add into posts, pages, and the WordPress standard text widget, for the posts and pages add the shortcode [addtext name left] or [addtext number right] etc: in the html editor, with the widget remember to “save”.

    Untested but you could even add a call in a theme div with <? php if (function_exists('widget_text')) echo widget_text(1)?>

    I know there are a few plugins, but I thought building the support into a theme then the admin does not have to worry about getting and loading plugins or pasting the same code many times, a footer note ot each page is a good example, create a html sinature and just add the shortcode as required, when you update the shortcode all page signatures are changed for you.

    Let us know how you get on and any feedback is always welcomed.


    As you can see I am using them in this theme! 🙂

  4. Thanks David

    You may recall on one of my sites I wanted a “sub header” that spanned 2 columns and was different on every page.
    Could I use addtext to drop a graphic in instead of text?
    (There's probably a much better method but this seems so simple even I could get it right!)

  5. Hi Paul,
    There are many ways to do this, one is look at the twenty ten theme as it uses the built in WordPress thumbnails to upload and display 'page headers. and it comes with six built in default headers, this is almost what you wanted.

    Another ways is to use a custom field for each page, you could set the paths in code, more options is check a theme folder for a png with the page name and show the header and load the image, create a few header.php.

    As the second image is in the page, create a templates for each page and create a div with a call to the different images kept in a theme folder.


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