Plasticity Theme (Beta Release)

We are proud to release our Plasticity Theme as beta, the reason for the ‘beta’ label is that we still have an issue to resolve with Internet Explorer and jQuery slide(), so please feel free to download to a ‘test environment’, do not release to production until you have tested the functions on a local install of WordPress.

This theme has taken over sixty hours to complete as some code samples we used were not fully working, credit on this page to the authors, someone emailed and said that the problem with loading themes with functions is that a lot of functions in the code, and not manageable by the blog admin, this theme will address this issue.

First things first, to download this theme you have to register on this website, then you can download the theme from here: CMS-Plasticity (1236)

Also take a few minutes and have a look at the demo website, this post is not going anywhere so take time to understand the many features of this theme.


Default Theme Options:

After installing the theme you can change theme colors, header image, set the social icons on the page footer.

Save your Adsense code to use later in the pages, upload and link to a 100 x 50 logo which will appear in the menu bar.

We have produced these rather rough videos to give you an overview.


Page Style Options:

Each page you add to the website can have it’s own style, colors, header image, hide the header, menu colors, and here you can choose the sidebars and content, one feature of this theme is the content, up to three columns with four categories, so up to twelve on a single page, the first post in each category will be displayed and a list of the next five posts.

To add a slideshow to any page you just enter the code call to the slideshow like install_cu3er or smooth_slider, taht is all you need to do, you can add padding or margins from the setup as well, how cool is that?

Ads and Text Shortcodes:

You can add the text or Adsense code to any post, page, or sidebar text widget, all you need to do is to enter a shortcode and let the theme do the rest, the first part is the call to the function ‘ [get-text ‘ then on the Default theme page where you enter the text is the short code like ‘ large_square] ‘.


Footer Links:

in the footer section you will see three columns of links, these are set from the links page, the theme will create three link categories, footer left, middle and right, all you need to do is set the links for the column you want, these will appear when the theme loads.


Function Codes:

Often authors create some nice functions you may want to add to a page, you will see comments like copy this code

<?php if ( function_exists( ‘install_cu3er’ ) ) { install_cu3er(); } ?>

We have taken the work out of that and you can insert a function, in a page, post, sidebar widget with our shortcode:

‘ [get-function ‘ then the authors call to the function, no braces, parentheses or semi-colon  ‘ install_cu3er] ‘.


Three Sidebars:

Adding the three sidebars into one column is done by using out widget, it is quite easy to do with a simple drag and drop.

This is a Free Beta Release and it has had very limited testing, we know there is a problem with Internet Explorer, jQuery and the sliding panels css, we have added a checkbox which disables that function.


This theme would not have been created without the following code samples and sources, so we would like to credit them here:

Admin option from NetTuts Option Panel Codex

Header Graphics created with XHeader

HTML Cleaner code Matt Varone


Note: we do require your feedback to improve our themes and tutorials, please leave your comments good or bad.

Code disclaimer information
This document contains programming examples therefore, grants you a nonexclusive copyright license to use all programming code examples from which you can generate similar function tailored to your own specific needs.

All sample code is provided by for learning illustrative purposes only.

These examples have not been thoroughly tested under all conditions., therefore, cannot guarantee or imply reliability, serviceability, or function of these examples.

All programs contained herein are provided to you “AS IS” without any warranties of any kind. The implied warranties of non-infringement, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are expressly disclaimed.


We hope you will benefit from our tutorials Membership to this website is not required, however the downloading of any themes or files is restricted to site supporters.

You can register for a 10 year ‘Free Account’ from the members page which will give you access to the source files and free themes, as we introduce premium themes and content these will only be downloadable with a subscription, any revenue from subscriptions is used to support the site costs.

this website is a tool to support and promote WordPress and Artisteer, please support, share and give credit for any benefits you gain from the tutorials on this website.

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