Twenty Ten – Dynamic Footer

WordPress 3.0 is now the current release of WordPress, included in the install is a new default theme called ‘Twenty Ten’, this now comes with six widgitized areas, and four of these are the footer widgets, we are going to have a look at these and share our popular dynamic footer code with the wider community.

Great there are four footer sidebars where I can drag an drop my widgets, hold on a minute though what if I only want to use one, two or three of these?

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Plasticity Theme (Beta Release)

We are proud to release our Plasticity Theme as beta, the reason for the ‘beta’ label is that we still have an issue to resolve with Internet Explorer and jQuery slide(), so please feel free to download to a ‘test environment’, do not release to production until you have tested the functions on a local install of WordPress.

This theme has taken over sixty hours to complete as some code samples we used were not fully working, credit on this page to the authors, someone emailed and said that the problem with loading themes with functions is that a lot of functions in the code, and not manageable by the blog admin, this theme will address this issue.

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