Page Title Header

We have seen more and more posts in the Artisteer Forum about the page heading using valuable page ‘Real Estate’ and asking how to delete the heading, thinking about this issue we thought how we might utilize this space and put it to work.

The heading is a part of the page where the viewer attention is focused when the page loads, at the moment they only see the page title and a lot of space, we want to sell our website to the viewer so what better use of this space than our own marketing needs, we will use a random quote plugin to present the content.

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Footer Links, Search and Top of Page

In this tutorial we will take a look at the Artisteer footer, at the moment there is not a lot of options just the HTML area, and you will see many themes with broken links.

What we will do is use the WordPress links to populate up to three columns in the footer section, each column will display up to five links, so you may want to have Site Links, Social Network Links and favourite websites, also we will be adding the Artisteer search form with another quick and easy enhancement is to add a back to top link just above the footer, this is helpful when you have large lists or long post content. 

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Three Sidebars

In the older versions of Artisteer with the help of a tutorial from Bud you were able to add a sidebar above another two in your Artisteer theme.

Several of us have been trying to get this to work in Artisteer version 2.4, Bud has just released an updated tutorial, we have a different way to achieve the same effect, both work, we thought we would share our solution which creates a widget containing sidebars 2 and 3, you just populate the sidebars and add the widget to sidebar 1.

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Dynamic Footer Revisited

The original Digital raindrops dynamic footer for the Artisteer themes was a great success, we have revisited the Dynamic Footer functions and streamlined the process, the new footer can be activated with modification to just two files and a fewer lines.

The dynamic footer will take up to four widgets and auto size the width in a percentage of the theme sheet width, the styling of the widgets is taken from the sidebars, so if you have a background color in your sidebars then you need to add this to the widget styling, lets make a start on installing the footer.

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Multiple Template Tutorial

We have has several requests to re-create our popular Multiple Template tutorial, as there was a change in the page structure when Artisteer released version 2.4 we have created this tutorial with version 2.4.

You will learn better if you follow along with your own theme, with Artisteer Version 2.4 follow these guidelines, create yourself a theme, set the Sheet > Width to 1000px, then Layout > Columns > Three Columns at the bottom of the drop down panel you will see “Width Options” set ‘Column 1 Width:’ to 20% and ‘Column 2 Width’ to 20%, export your theme.

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Artisteer Wide Header

On the Business Portfolio Themes we have used a wide header, this is such an easy thing to do even for a beginner, here is a quick tutorial to show how we done it.

First create you Artisteer theme so the header background and menu is the color you want to use, choose a split background like the one in this screenshot, do not worry about the color below the header.

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Business Portfolio Theme Two

We have done a couple of small changes to the Business Theme, added an option to upload and enter the url to the logo image, this means that the Blog admin can change the logo by uploading a logo to the Media Library, the other change is an overhaul to the menu, we have made it a bit more stylish.

The full overview of other features can be found in the post for on Business Portfolio One , you can also view the new menu Business Portfolio two:!

The first step is to upload your logo, if you do not have a logo check out the first Business Portfolio link above and visit the the mentoined logo website for a free text logo.

Lets get started!

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