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Another free theme from Digital Raindrops, this fun theme explores the use of multi color options, giving the admin control over seven colors.

We were seeing a few comments on using a different color on a different page, and the menu items with a color bar underneath, so we though we would have a look at see what we could do.

small-screen This is the result of a few hours work and we think it is quite fun, again it is yours to download use, change, delete, first things first is to have a look at the theme in action, you can do that here Color My World, then you may want to download it, that’s easy no registration just download it now Color My World Theme (1250) .

This theme is does not have thumbnail support or a widgetized footer so we have gone with the traditional two sidebars, after you have created the pages and are happy with the top level menu item you will need to apply the templates to the pages, we will cover this in this post.


Color Options

We designed the theme with neutral color choices for the content, and have given you the ability to change the colors to your own.

The Menu colors are in the sequence you set them in the admin page, you can find this after you activate the theme in “Appearance > Theme Options”, you can see this in the next screen shot.

We have included the header with the theme, you can replace the image in the folder, there is no option in the theme settings, all you need to do is change any of the colors below to your own choice and the theme will update when you save the options, you need to enter the full hex code which looks like #FF00FF.

If you are stuck for ideas for a color scheme then why not get some ideas and inspiration from Colour Lovers you will see the hex codes, write them down and enter them in the admin panel.


Page Templates

When you add pages you will need to apply the correct template, we have included 6 standard and 6 wide templates, the page numbers start after the home page from 0-6, you can apply the templates from, Pages > Edit > select the page and “Quick Edit” as in the screen shot below.


For the coders out there that would like to know how it works we will be following this post up with another functional post with code examples.


Code disclaimer information
This document contains programming examples therefore, grants you a nonexclusive copyright license to use all programming code examples from which you can generate similar function tailored to your own specific needs.

All sample code is provided by for learning illustrative purposes only.

These examples have not been thoroughly tested under all conditions., therefore, cannot guarantee or imply reliability, serviceability, or function of these examples.

All programs contained herein are provided to you “AS IS” without any warranties of any kind. The implied warranties of non-infringement, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are expressly disclaimed.


We hope you will benefit from our tutorials Membership to this website is not required, however the downloading of any themes or files is restricted to site supporters.

You can register for a 10 year ‘Free Account’ from the members page which will give you access to the source files and free themes, as we introduce premium themes and content these will only be downloadable with a subscription, any revenue from subscriptions is used to support the site costs.

this website is a tool to support and promote WordPress and Artisteer, please support, share and give credit for any benefits you gain from the tutorials on this website.

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