Artisteer Online User Group

I have been looking on LinkedIn for an Artisteer Group, being active on the Artisteer forums the level of questions is fairly low level, with some of the users not even understanding how to create a page or post, and the forum being unregistered, unable to posts links or connect with other users.

Some of the WordPress groups on LinkedIn the members might be to high a level for the posters in the Artisteer forum who require specific answers on Artisteer themes and templates.

Anyway I have created a LinkedIn group ‘Artisteer Online User Group’, feel free to join in we do not mind the level of questions you ask or answer, you can showcase your website, seek critique, ask for help, post a job, post an article link, network with other users.

Please Join me on LinkedIn Artisteer Online User Group


Blogging with Images

So you have your blog setup and you have created a few posts, people are visiting your website but the bounce rate is high, and those that stay are reading a few posts which shows the content is interesting but not quickly grabbing the visitors.

On analysis you decide that the blog posts are mainly text and when you land on the website nothing grabs your attention, so you decide that some images will get the viewers attention and add another dimension to the content.

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