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We have created a portfolio theme that combines some of the tutorials on our website with that addition of a few new features, using code snippets from our theme you could enhance your own themes with, the clickable logo, information pane, widgitized footer sitting outside of the sheet and 2, 3, or 4 multi-column posts pages, or you can just use our theme on your WordPress site and just leave our credit link in the footer.

This is free version of our portfolio theme and is a cut down version of a commercial premium theme we will be releasing in April, with this version you will need to edit the files where the commercial version will have a setup page and a number of additional pages and options.

This theme is not a typical blogging theme and designed to promote yours or your customers professional skills or services, so it needs no sidebars and is not adSense enabled although there are many other themes and plugins that could deliver these.

Credits and plugins

You will need to have the cu3er slideshow  WordPress plugin from 18Elements which uses a category to feed the display, you can view: The Portfolio Theme here if you have visited the portfolio site recently you might need to refresh your browser, ctrl+F5, and you can download the free version from here. CMS-Portfolio Theme (1933)

If you like the fancy bookmarks here and on the single post pages then that plugin is Sexy Bookmarks which you can download and install on your blog.

The thumbnail code in this ‘free theme’ was created based on a post by Mark Jaquith here and we would like to thank mark for making the code easy to follow.

cu3er settings

A picture is worth many words so here are the settings you will need to use, the category ID will be the one you use for the slideshow:



When you activate the theme you will have four footer areas to populate however you want, these replace the need for a sidebar as you can cover most of what you want with these.



Header Logo

To enable the logo first you must replace with your own logo the ‘logo.jpg’ file (670 x 106 pixels), this is in the theme images folder, then you need to copy the ‘cms-header-logo.php’ file in the cms-addons folder into the themes folder, this will hide the blog title and show the logo.


Header Information

Open the ‘cms-header-info.php’ file in the themes folder, there are four information options in this file, change them to your own values, if you want a URL link then you must have the http from a website or the @ for an email and fill in the $infoName value, looking in the file and at the header image or our portfolio website will help with setting this up.

Changing the Menu Options

You can change the menu options by following the method in this tutorial here:

Changing the Colors

You can change the colors of the links to your own values for the information panel, Post Headers and footer content in the themes cms-colors.css file, you will need to change the hex value for each element to your own requirements.

Body Image

The body image can be found in the images folder you can change this to your own, the header is transparent which gives a rather nice effect.



Code disclaimer information
This document contains programming examples therefore, grants you a nonexclusive copyright license to use all programming code examples from which you can generate similar function tailored to your own specific needs.

All sample code is provided by for learning illustrative purposes only.

These examples have not been thoroughly tested under all conditions., therefore, cannot guarantee or imply reliability, serviceability, or function of these examples.

All programs contained herein are provided to you “AS IS” without any warranties of any kind. The implied warranties of non-infringement, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are expressly disclaimed.


We hope you will benefit from our tutorials Membership to this website is not required, however the downloading of any themes or files is restricted to site supporters.

You can register for a 10 year ‘Free Account’ from the members page which will give you access to the source files and free themes, as we introduce premium themes and content these will only be downloadable with a subscription, any revenue from subscriptions is used to support the site costs.

this website is a tool to support and promote WordPress and Artisteer, please support, share and give credit for any benefits you gain from the tutorials on this website.

9 thoughts on “CMS-Portfolio Theme

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  2. Hi i was just wondering if you could do a turtorial on how you can put sidebar thingys to your footer like what you did in this tutorial

  3. Hi i was just wondering if you could do a turtorial on how you can put sidebar thingys to your footer like what you did in this tutorial

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